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Youth fest

Making Mumbai

Making Mumbai is ComplexCity’s flagship event. It focuses on bringing young people together from across the city, to share campaigns and initiatives they have led in the past year, and help them forge stronger connections to drive city-level change in the upcoming year. 

Each year, Making Mumbai is driven by a common theme such as youth and inclusive cities (2017), claiming spaces (2018), identity making (2019), participation in local governance (2020), मुंबई: शहर सबका (Mumbai: Everyone’s City) (2022), and youth identity, urban governance and climate justice (2023). The 2024 youth convention will also focus on youth identity, urban governance and climate justice to take ahead the discussions and actions of the previous year for greater impact.

Making Mumbai is core to ComplexCity as it showcases the power of collective action.

It provides youth, especially those from marginalised communities, a needed platform to engage with and learn from one another, and find ways to drive larger change beyond their immediate neighbourhoods.

This initiative has borne fruit in earlier years, given how successfully youth from across the city have claimed spaces for play and expression since their engagement at ComplexCity, and how they have led efforts for peace and inclusion city-wide and beyond.


Youth from across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region will be attending the 2023 Youth Convention. The programme comprises plenary, breakout and experiential sessions. The Convention is focused on fronting the voices of youth, and offering them a safe and nurturing space for expression.  

7th April 2024

Making Mumbai : Youth Convention

Where : Maharashtra Nature Park, Dharavi

Time : 9 a.m. onwards